News worthy!? can’t believe it myself…

Well...the nightmare was my reality on Sunday morning after discovering the hit and run accident that resulted in a total loss of my beloved vintage trailer, the BEE!

I've only recently found my voice in life, and I'm thankful I know how to use it now.  I took to social media to let friends, family and followers know what happened.  And also, to offer help in maybe trying to catch the culprit.  I also went on Nextdoor and even wrote a message on the trailer itself!  For me, communication is key! So I had to say and convey what happened and how it affected me.

Two news crews interviewed me! Below is the link to see the one news piece by NBC 7 News.

The encouragement and supportive messages I've received are proof to me that something good will come from my something bad.  I hope you stay tuned to hear/see it!

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