Meet Natalie, Owner

I've had a passion for baking my whole life!

Although I followed my head instead of my heart; and with that I'd never taken the leap to follow my dreams until 2017. So with a new found strength and freedom to be me, The Sweet Bee was born.

I have a sweet tooth and enjoy all kinds of desserts and sweets without objection.  I believe that the presentation of the food is just as important as the taste.  Hopefully your eyes will enjoy the feast just as much as your tastebuds!

The Sweet Bee Story

I've always wanted to have my own bakery, but some dreams take time and it's easier to start small.  So I bought the 1951 Crown Trailer with the vision of transforming it into my mobile bakery!  My three boys helped me demo, restore and rebuild my trailer into the BEE that it is lovingly referred to today.  It's truly been a labor of love!


The Sweet Bee Trailer is currently OUT OF BUSINESS and UNDER MAJOR CONSTRUCTION!

My target is to have it back in business for May 2019!  If you're interested in booking a party or event then please contact me directly by email or phone.  Bookings available!

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Request a quote!  Any questions or comments, please email or call me.