Custom Cakes

Whatever your taste, we've got a cake for that.

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Chocolate you say?!

Brownies, cake truffles, bars, and pralines are a few of the treats we offer.

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Jarred Desserts

Delicious treats that are ready to travel...picnic, beach wedding, corporate event, we've got a jarred dessert waiting for you.

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The Sweet Bee is a vintage 1951 Crown-14 Trailer that has been lovingly restored by its owner Natalie. It's now taken on a new life!  It's been reimagined to be the life of the party at your next event! The BEE offers you the ability to combine and eliminate all the outdoor tables and acts as a modern, hip serving piece...whether it be a coffee bar, dessert bar, candy bar, cocktail, birthday bar, bachelorette get the idea...the skies the limit with this piece!!


Watch the BEE in action!

Here's a little video tour of the BEE buzzing with fun!